Tempe City Council Candidate for 2020
Marc Norman

I'm not your typical politician, and I'd like a chance to prove it to you. I will not take any money from real estate developers or lobbyists that I do not align with. Please consider donating to my fundraiser.

My Name is Marc Norman

I've been in Tempe since the 80's and truly love this town from the people, the weather, and all in between. I am an activist in the community constantly working towards a greater good. I'm for responsible growth, a regional approach to the homeless epidemic, local businesses, the arts, and what the good people of Tempe want. That's the important thing. That's the gig.
My inbox is always open.

We Care

Jeff is an incredible person with a positive energy who happens to live on the street.
Part of what I do is give relief to the less fortunate. Helping out all members of our community is my priority.

In the Scene

When I first moved here, I walked into a venue on Mill ave called Edcils Attic. Walt Richardson was on stage,
and I haven't left since. I'm honored to be endorsed by such a remarkable person and musician.